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Bralettes – Here to stay!

In the UK these lightweight soft and non-wired crop tops had been limited in style and appeared to be relegated to the teen section as “First Bras”, these lightly lined unwired items with or without light padding have become the new “it” undergarment. Fashionistas such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Maggie Gyllenhall have been happy to show off this very relaxed undergarment and because they are often pretty with stretchy soft lace it doesn’t matter if the peek through your clothing.

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Spacer Bras

Unlike most traditional T-shirt bras which are hot and trap moisture, spacer bras are so cool that you never really perspire in them. The fabric is almost like a honeycomb, and if you hold the cup up to a light, you can practically see right through it. Thankfully, the lightness of the materials does not equate to a loss in support and shape.

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Why do shops stop at a D or DD cup? I’m bigger than that! Am I not normal?

Closer to normal than you might think. A large majority of women think they are an A – D cup, even if they clearly aren’t. It’s been drummed in to us over the years through magazines, TV and general advertising that a DD and anything above is a large cup size. Nip back to the 60’s and you’d be right but women’s body shapes have been expanding in many ways over the decades. High street shops simply try to get you to by what they want you to buy.

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