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The Bra Fitting Consultation

If, like me you’ve had a bad bra fitting experience, it’s enough to put you off getting semi-naked and inviting the scrutiny of a stranger EVER again. So I wanted to share what you can expect at one of my bra fitting consultations in the hope of putting your mind at ease.

“The ultimate goal is to get you fitted correctly and in an environment YOU feel comfortable in. I’m lucky to have a great space to display a wide range of styles even before we get to the fitting and a spacious fitting room for you to try some of the superb bra styles.”

I very much hope we’ll start with a drink and a chat about the consultation but there’s no escaping it, I’ll have to see you in your bra to check your existing fit and of course anything that I’m fitting you in.  Remember, you’re keeping your bra on and aside from changes (in our stylish fitting room) to try different sizes and styles.

There’s got to be checks and as a matter of course I’ll be checking around the band toward the side of your bust and getting a clear overall view of where you’re positioned in your bra. And there we go.

There’s likely to be plenty of changes and we’ll have to start somewhere but hopefully the first one you try is the one! – in all it’s perfect fitting glory – winning you over with its sublime comfort and sassy style. Sometimes it’s just a starting point of course.  I’ll always ask you try a few from a hand-picked selection to get fitting as perfect and as comfortable as possible. I will also gently nudge you in new directions with styles, colours or finishes you’d never have dreamed of trying. We have a very wide selection of styles available because of our award winning online lingerie store, and a great selection of brands to work with and you can check many of these styles out in our retail space.

Check & Check Again!

I’ll check each and every bra on you. There can be SO much variation between brands and styles before giving you time alone to retry the bras you really love!

Why is it important to get professionally fitted?

A bra fitting is about getting the best shape of bra for your body shape. Often women think they should always wear the same size no matter the style of the bra, but this is wrong. Different materials have varying elasticity which affect fit. Some ladies are of even fullness – great most styles/cuts will suit you! Others are fuller on top or on the bottom in which case some styles will not fit so well. I can help you get fitted correctly, which sometimes means a different size cup and or back to what you expect.

Find The Right Bra

We stock a wide range of styles and colours at

Please don’t fret about the state of your current bra...

…whether your knickers are matching, whether you [think you] have lumps & bumps or weight to gain or lose, or whether you’ve waxed your underarms. Being in the business of lingerie, I’ll definitely have seen plenty of women in a similar get-up before and I promise it doesn’t even register on my radar.

There’s very little physical interaction!

I’ve heard some stores like to ‘position’ you in cups themselves but I’ve never understood why. The only physical action you’ll experience is putting your hands on your hips while I carry out my fitting checks and – occasionally – I’ll ask you to wriggle around so I can double check there are no wayward gaps or unnecessary movement in the bra. When trying things, most of us consciously stand straighter and more poised; by getting you to move around and relax, I can really see how something fits.

Five Key Checks To The Perfect Bra Fit

I’ll check each and every bra on you. There can be SO much variation between brands and styles before giving you time alone to retry the bras you really love!

Underband – should be parallel to the floor and secure enough that only two fingers can fit under the elastic

Centre front or gore – should sit completely flat against the sternum

Side wire – this should be flat against the rib-cage and never digging into breast tissue

Cup capacity – breasts should sit fully into the cup without any spillage

Straps – these should be adjusted to just fit two fingers on top of each other, which will give the right pressure for your shoulder.

The best way to check if your bra is fitting correctly is lift up your arms twist your body and the bra will fit perfectly in place. 

What difference does finding the right bra make to your appearance?

A good fitting bra will help your posture, give you confidence in your outerwear, and even make you look slimmer and discover your waist again. If you have a special occasion bring your outfit to your bra fit appointment and I can fit your bra with your outfit.

What are the most common misconceptions about bra sizes?

It’s a well publicised fact that most ladies are in the wrong size. The most common problem that ladies get wrong is the underband (which is normally too large). The second most common mistake is wearing a cup too small. In fact I often find I fit at least one back size smaller sometimes 2 and at least 2 cup sizes bigger on a first fitting.

What's the Cost?

£20 per consultation.

The fitting consultation cost, paid in advance, can then be used at making a purchase at your consultation or at a later date from our lingerie store.

Bra Sizes and Styles

Before your consultation we’ll have a chat either via email or on the phone to establish a rough guide size based on what you currently wear. This means we can tailor a range of sizes and styles we believe could be appropriate to you. 

Supporting Brands

I stock, through my award winning lingerie website, well known leading lingerie brands. Chantelle, Passionata, Gossard, Wear My Freedom, Aubade, Pretty Polly and more. All selected for their quality, comfort and style. 

Walkern, Hertfordshire

We’re based in the beautiful village of Walkern in Hertfordshire, with easy free parking on the high street by our premises.

bra fitter situated in Walkern hertfordshire

Discretion Assured!

No need to be embarrassed. No need to be topless, bra fitting doesn’t require it and aside from basic notes from our discussions, we’re not transmitting your personal information to anyone.  

Your Bra Fitting Consultation.

Simple book via our calendar by clicking the button below or contact me to book a bra fitting consultation by email. Fun, engaging and leave you feeling more confident, super stylish, supported, and with 100% dignity intact!

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